Real estate is a very risky job, one good decision can make you millionaire and one bad decision will bankrupt you.  Becoming a property dealer or a real estate agent is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In the surface level property dealing looks easy. There is someone who wants to sell his house because he has debt or want to move away. There is also someone who wants to buy house because she needs her own house or want to invest in property. You connect these two people, finalize the deal and cut your commission. However, real estate is not as simple as this. You need lots of skills, and fixing and flipping homes are some of them.

Fixing homes means, you renovate the house, give it a complete makeover so that you can place it on the market for sell. As a real estate agent, you will have to fix homes because people want houses that are ready to move in.

House flipping means you buy homes and then resale it. House flipping is not as simple as selling houses and cutting commission. In order to flip house, you need to buy houses, and then sell it for a good profit.

If you are in house flipping business, you will have to fix houses first. How do you fix the houses in the first place? You buy a dilapidated house, you repair and renovate the house which includes, fixing electrical wiring, plumbing, sealing cracks, painting etc. Sometimes you have to pull down the wall, build wall, or even work on the foundation or roof. When the dilapidated house becomes a brand new house which is ready to move in, you put the house on sale. You buy a dilapidated house for a small amount of money, invest money on the renovation, put it on sale for a high price. You can really make good money by fixing and flipping house.

Is It Easy To Fix And Flip House?

The answer is negative. If you want to move into house fixing and flipping business, first of all you need money. Even if the house is on dilapidated condition, you need money to buy it. No one will give you their house for free, will they? Secondly, you need money to fix the house. You need money to repair and renovate the house. Even if you have money to buy the house and then fix it, you might not be able to sell it for the price you have in mind. You need to find a buyer and then convince him to buy it. The house you have fixed must be on demand, furthermore, you must have strong economy so that you can hold your investment on buying and fixing house until it gets sold.

Forget Everything. Let Me Buy Your Home

If you have a house that you don’t want to keep with you, sell it to us. House fixing is not an easy thing to do. House flipping is very risky because you have to spend a lot of money on the property before you can put it for sale. Instead of trying to fix and flip your property, you can sell your home directly to us.

Let me tell you why fixing and flipping home is not for everyone. You have a house in very bad condition, you spend a lot of money on renovation. Your house before renovation has a price tag of say $50,000, now after spending $100,000 for renovation, the selling price becomes $200,000 (you add some profits). Since the renovated house is costly, it is really hard to find buyers. Instead of taking all the troubles, why don’t you sell your house to me for $60,000 and wash your hands off.

House Is In Dilapidated Condition. No Problem. We Buy Your House As It Is.

If your house is in very-very poor condition, you cannot find buyers for your house. No one wants to buy a house that is dilapidated and needs a lot of fixing. Trying to renovate the house is also not a good idea because renovation needs money and you don’t know how much buyers will offer. Sell your house to us. Your house might have shaky foundation, cracked ceiling, broken doors and windows, and such more. No matter what kind of house you have, we will buy it. We will of course make money from your house, but we also give best value for your house and take all the troubles of renovation and finding buyers.