If you are selling your house, there is good news for you. According to the recent real estate sales figure from the National Association of Realtors there are more buyers than the seller, in other words there is limited inventory in the real estate market. Selling your house is your own decision and it is not entirely based on market condition such as limitation of inventory, however, it is also true that you should hit the iron when it is hot, in other words you should sell your house when the houses are on demand.

If you are considering selling your house, you should put house for sale immediately because real estate experts say that the year 2017 is going to be the year of the home seller. According to one real estate agent, “In the last two years sellers were on back seat, however, this year they are on the front seat.”

If you are on the side of home seller, here are couple of reasons why you should put a house for sale sign in your front yard.

Low Mortgage Rates: These days mortgage rates are low. When the mortgage rates are low, monthly expenses are destined to become low. When the cost is low, buyers are always attracted.

Shortages of Inventory: Currently, the real estate market is experiencing a low supply of houses for sale. When there is a low supply, the demand is always high, and high demand always creates high price.

Rising Home Prices: The prices of home have gone up because there is a shortage of houses in the real estate market. When the house price goes up it is a signal for home owners to sell their home. If your house was priced lower during the recession, the table has been turned upside down for you. Now your house will fetch better price.

Better Job Market: Now the job market is strengthening, which means unemployment rates have gone down. When people are employed and they are earning better, consumer confidence is bound to improve. When consumers’ confidence is increased, it will attract buyers. Confident people are always interested in investing in property.

If you are thinking to sell your house, this is the right time to sell your house. Your house and you makes good money. However, you must also be aware about the fact that there is also bad news for you, the seller. If you are thinking to reinvest in the property, then you will also have to pay high price for the property. But then there is also another option for you. You can rent a house instead of buying again. You can buy a house of your own when the market settles and you get your house for the best price. When the housing market is high, renting is better option compared to buying.

Now that we have told you about the condition of housing market, you go and sell your house outright.

Still confused? You have a better option though.

The real estate market is low on supply and the home prices have gone high and you have decided to sell your house. It is very likely that you cannot jumpstart and sell your home outright. You are a home owner and not an expert on the real estate market. You almost have zero experience in selling your home. Here lies the importance of getting help from experts who have many years experience.

We are real estate experts having many years experience. For many years we have helped home owners to sell their homes and make most of their transaction. We analyze the market situation, we evaluate your property and give you proper advice on the right time to sell your house, right price for your home, and find the right buyer for you.