You bought a house, however, your house is not ready to move in. In that case, you need to rehabilitate it properly before you can make the house your home.  First and foremost thing to rehab your home is do through cleanup, and renovate if necessary. Rehabilitating your house can be very tedious work because sometimes you will have to do tedious and time consuming works such as wiring, plumbing, even turning down the walls or erecting walls.

Rehabilitating a home requires a systematic approach; however, you need to remember one important thing: Don’t let frustration get over you in case things don’t go according to your plan.

Seeing a house in a complete mess can be very frustrating and rehabilitating a messy house can cost you a lot of money. On the top of that you might be confused where to begin. To make things easy for you, we have presented this step by step guide to rehab your home.

Rehabilitating your home involves two major steps:

  1. Preparing to rehab your home
  2. Working on your home for rehabilitation

Preparing to rehab your home

  1. Home inspection: Before you begin to rehab your home, you need to inspect the home property. Make notes of things that are in good conditions, things that need little repairing, and the things that require massive maintenance. If you have a budget, you can hire a professional house inspector. Some of the areas that you need to analyze are basement, foundation, roof, attic, ceilings, walls, floor, air-conditioning system, electrical system, plumbing etc.
  2. Rehab checklist: When you have identified the major and minor maintenance works, develop a detailed checklist. Rehab checklist will help you track your maintenance work. Your checklist must also include outdoor areas such as gutters, front yard, and back yard as well.
  3. Budget for rehab: Your rehab checklist should help you create a budget for rehab. Look at the things that need maintenance and estimate the budget for each repair and maintenance work. You should make budget for each work. In case the total budget exceeds the budget you have allocated for the home rehab, go through it and drop the minor maintenance works.
  4. Finding/hiring a contractor: Once you have identified the areas that need to be repaired and renovated and estimated budget for each work, find a contractor. You can find a contractor by talking to the people who have already rehabbed their homes, or through real estate agencies and agents. When you are ready to hire a contractor, make sure he has good experience and does not charge much. You should also check whether the contractor has good equipments, has a license for renovating a house, and has enough number of employees.
  5. Obtaining permit: You should also get house rehab permit from local authorities before you begin to rehab your house. You should also inform your neighbors about the maintenance work to avoid future hassles.
  6. Set a deadline: Now that you are ready to begin rehab, you should set a timeline for rehab.

Working on your home for rehabilitation

1. Demolition, trash removal and construction: When you are renovating your home, you will have to turn down many things such as walls, cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, trees and bushes in the front and back yards, fence etc. Be ready to remove the trash generated during the demolition. Once trash is removes, you will have to work on the construction. Begin with the foundation and roofing, and then move towards light fixtures and plumbing. You also need to address heating, air conditioning, ventilation system before you begin to work on other areas.

2. New installation: The second step involves installing new doors and windows. When you are buying new doors and windows, make sure you get the right size, otherwise it could create problems during installation.

3. Floor work: You need to work on the floor as well. You can have wood, laminate or ceramic tiles on your floors.

4. Painting: When you are done with repairing and installation, paint the interior and exterior. Before, you give a fresh coat of paint to your house, you need to clean it thoroughly.

5. Furnishing: After all repairing and maintenance works have been done, you need to buy furniture and other appliances for your home. You should always buy things that you actually need and avoid buying things that you don’t use.

Now that you have rehabbed your house, you are ready to move in.